Section 20 Consultation

Section 20 Consultation with all leaseholders must be undertaken before any qualifying building works are completed or any long term agreements are entered into.

Landlords must consult if these works will cost over £250 for any one leaseholder. Thus, in a property with unequal service charge contributions, the landlord must consult all leaseholders if any one of them would have to pay more than £250. If consultation is not undertaken, the landlord may not be able to recover costs over £250 per leaseholder.

There are three Notices to be issues as part of the Consultation; part one The Notice of Intention, part two The Notice of Estimates and the final Notice, The Notice of Reasons. Ashby Building Surveyors can prepare and issue these on your behalf and manage all the consultation for a fixed fee and ensure all the legal requirements are met and ensure all the financial responsibilities for works are met by the leaseholders.

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